About Us


Three-point Philosophy of Nova Education Society is the means through which it functions. Achieving these goals paves a way for active participation and naturally trains the individual to be a responsible global leader. These three philosophical points form the pillars of education at Nova Education Society.

Institutional Builders

Today’s Business is vulnerable to drastic change that market now witnesses. Most experienced experts views proved wrong. It is only the adaptation to the situation which makes the corporate to survive. The work of managers and organizational leaders in dynamic environments is extremely challenging but also rewarding. Those who aspire to become organizational leaders in today’s environment will need to acquire specialized knowledge, skills and attitudes. We at Nova Education Society ensure that students play a participatory role as institutional builders and contribute in decision making, execution and analysis of institutional activities while in the college and also as the alumni of the college.

Student-Centric Learning

In the conventional teacher centric learning, students are treated as empty vessels into which knowledge is poured without any student initiative. This creates an impaired learning system which is one-sided and monotonous. This turns students into incompetent managers. At Nova Education Society we make the student an active participant in the process of learning. We design the course with the requirements of students as the axis of learning.

Participative Learning

At Nova Education Society, students work as a team rather than as individuals. They are provided with the platform to work effectively as a team. All the learning activities of the college are largely collaborative and participative, generating an active spirit of teamwork aiming to achieve the goal of participative learning. This concept is implemented through projects, seminars, team quizzes, brainstorming, and other collaborative learning techniques where sharing becomes the chief element and this enhances the democratic sprit of learning.